Industrial Solutions

Creating and working with the most prestigious brands of the world makes us happy. We devise solutions to make everything play for everyone.

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Architectural Systems between Sound and Architecture

Let us imagine a tastefully furnished room, where much attention is paid to details, where everything is perfectly matching.. except the loudspeakers of the audio system which hang from the walls or the ceiling completely out of context from an aesthetic point of view.

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Outdoor Systems

We created sound solutions for your outdoor spaces. Imagine a perfect sound anywhere without any visible loudspeaker.

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In nature, sound is transmitted by vibrations and GLAUK was able to reproduce the same frequencies, thus creating an extremely lively and exciting sound which is absolutely natural.
Such a result was possible due to the exciters technology, whose quality was greatly improved by GLAUK, after years of study and many tests.

We are currently able to play very high quality sound.
Our systems therefore do not use traditional loudspeakers. Our equipment can be installed behind panels of any material, thus enabling us to have sound in any type of environment with no visible speakers nor cables.


The surfaces stressed by our systems emit frequencies at 360°, thus creating a "sound bubble" the listener is fully immersed in and surrounded by a very high quality and thrilling sound. Any position from our sound sources is ideal for listeners.
On the contrary traditional loudspeakers are directional and therefore require that the listener is located in a specific point in order to enjoy optimal listening.


Materials has their physical and mechanical properties such as mass, density, weight, consistency etc. GLAUK analyzed such properties and devised suitable solutions for many types of materials. With our systems, it is possible to turn any type of surface, such as glass, wood, marble and many other materials, in a musical instrument. Our systems transmit vibrations to the panels they are mounted on.


The ability to transmit music in all directions even at high and medium-high frequencies surprised sound specialists, who stated that the very high quality level can meet the demands of the most skilled and demanding music lovers.