"By origin, one does not mean the development of something already born, rather something which comes from becoming and passing away. The origin is in the flow of becoming like a whirlpool and drags the material of birth inside its rhythmic."
(l drama barocco tedesco - The German Baroque Drama, Turin, 1971)

This is why Glauk has a precise birth, an origin and a date of real beginning.

The company stemmed out of the idea of one of the partners who, after many years of experimentation, research and study of products for third parties, decided to devote himself to something unique, new and revolutionary within the sound scenario. Research then led to focus on the experimentation of materials and their reactions by using a technology which had been on the market for years, yet which was never really exploited until then. All these activities took place in a small lab on the hills of Florence, with no specific equipment nor such specific technologies to support such an important project, yet with great persistence and an even greater desire to make something unique.

Then the company focused on applying research by capitalizing on the concrete and active experience in electronics and electro mechanics of another partner who provided materials, tests and any other technical specifications which was necessary to turn it into a technology, previously considered as “uninteresting” in the sound scenario, which made Glauk become what it is today on both a national and international scenario. Also the operational headquarters moved from to the hills around Florence to a small office in the city where electronics, sound engineering and new market demands were dealt with daily.

Then, the day of the meeting between 5 partners marked the true beginning of the company, when all five of them made a comment out of surprise saying




Basically one may say that the genesis, the origin and the date of beginning are only pretexts for contextualizing a journey that led to something unique… a dream come true into a company.

The company was officially established in 2013 in Florence by 5 partners, each one with different skills yet sharing a very clear goal… then the first customers started coming, followed by jobs, market responses, evaluation mistakes and orders.

In November 2013, Glauk was awarded the first prize by the special commission of the Florence Award in the Hall of the Five Hundred for the high technological value of its invention and that marked the first external recognition of the product of a "newly established" company.

In 2014 a new partner joined the company, able to make Glauk international and equip it with a proper organization, thus channeling any economic, productive and commercial resources on the processes and finally Glauk became a "manufacturing company".

Currently Glauk’s headquarters are located in the Florence city center, with roughly 550 sq m surface hosting research labs, back office, sales, manufacturing, management and show room, thus sharing not only the space, but also work and life time feeding any phase of the day in order to "create value" on an individual and corporate level.

Industrial Solutions

Creating and working with the most prestigious brands of the world makes us happy. We devise solutions to make everything play for everyone.

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Architectural Systems between Sound and Architecture

Let us imagine a tastefully furnished room, where much attention is paid to details, where everything is perfectly matching.. except the loudspeakers of the audio system which hang from the walls or the ceiling completely out of context from an aesthetic point of view.

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Outdoor Systems

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